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What is Little Big Market?
Little Big Market is a community of individuals who share similar values and come together to exchange goods and services through the practice of bartering, with no cash involved. We believe in fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual support, where everyone can offer their skills and resources to benefit each other without the need for money. Join us in our community of like-minded individuals and experience the joy of sharing and exchanging in a cashless economy.
Little Big Market was born from the frustration and concern of two busy mums over the escalating cost of living, the declining quality of produce, and the unethical practices of companies. During a casual vent over a cold cup of tea (mum life), we realized the need to take action. Our vision is to establish a network of individuals who share our values and place a high regard on community. Our goal is not profit but to foster connections and to serve one another with what each has to offer. We often have excess goods or skills that can benefit others. By pooling our resources and offering our products, services, and expertise, we can all benefit. This is the essence of Little Big Market.
As we continue this cycle, we find ourselves assisting each other in ways that exceed the value of money. Our monthly meetups aim to not only benefit each other but to establish lasting and meaningful relationships, creating a sense of community. Our markets will feature a bartering section, free swap tables, demonstrations to expand our knowledge of self-sustainability, and family cookouts, all within a safe and welcoming environment. The markets are by invitation only to ensure a community of individuals who share the same core ethics and values. We are thrilled to explore where this journey will take us and warmly invite you to join us for the adventure.
KB and Mel xo

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